BlueSolar Technology is your opportunity

Our new technology allows generating electricity both day and night at a competitive cost combining photovoltaic and solar thermal energy in the same plant. This technology is suitable to complement industries due to its scalability and also offers a real storage solution against future batterie.

Because of its singularity of producing both electric energy and heat, and along with it’s capacity to store thermal energy, it is suitable for the following applications:

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Energy Storage

Energy storage is key to allow the massive implementation of intermittent generation since it is a viable strategy to eliminate operational risks such as curtailments, improve the financial performance of the plant by capturing higher prices due to the intrinsic flexibility in the energy generation. It also allows to reduce the dependance on high emission energy sources such as coal or combined cycles.

Industrial Process Heat

Decarbonize the world also involves producing renewable heat as this is the typical form of energy consumed by many industries.

Your Solution for Energy Storage


Desalination is increasingly being considered as an important potential solution to meet water supply whose demand will be affected by population growth and its need for agricultura, municipal water or to purify industrial processes.

The main driver of Bluesolar Technology for desalination is its price, since the production of thermal energy for thermal desalination is more expensive. Bluesolar Technology is able to reduce that thermal cost, in order to make thermal desalination more profitable.

Oil & Gas

Thermal EOR is the most used technology for oil recovery. Within the different Thermal EOR technologies, Solar Thermal EOR is an incipient but promising technology as it can lower the costs of extracting oil by reducing the natural gas consumption.

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