BlueSolar Technology is your opportunity

Our new technology allows generating electricity both day and night at a competitive cost combining photovoltaic and solar thermal energy. This technology is also suitable to for complete thermal and energy supply for industrial processes.

BlueSolar opens some new business opportunities.

Your Technological partner for Innovation in Renewables

Long duration Energy Storage

The long duration storage allows to have full control of your energy dispatch, maximizing energy revenues from your solar plant.

Hibridized PV/ST development

BlueSolar is ideal for new greenfield developments or to retrofit existing PV installations and convert them to baseload generators.

Industrial Process Heat

Decarbonize the world also involves producing renewable heat as this is the typical form of energy consumed by many industries.

Your Solution for Energy Storage


Desalination is increasingly being considered as an important potential solution to meet water supply whose demand will be affected by population growth and its need for agricultura, municipal water or to purify industrial processes.

BlueSolar offers the most cost-efficient prices per thermal kWh, which is critical for many desalination technologies such as the new state of the art Forward Osmosis.

Behind the meter baseload generator for hydrogen

Consider BlueSolar for your hydrogen project if you want a stable and baseload energy supply without relying get the permit to have access to the grid.

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